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B&DCC Road Biking activities

Road biking is another of the core activities of B&DCC and we promote a number of rides to develop the fitness of our riders, from the traditional Sunday morning club run , though to our Thursday night Spiralling development ride , you might also want to check out our Audax & Sportive pages if longer distance cycling appeals to your nature.

Join our Road Race "Team" - 2012 Local Race Calendar

Team B&DCC looks forward to the 2012 season with some key targets !!

Although our club has no tradition of road racing we are anxiously looking to reverse this trend in 2012 by Coaching and developing interested club members into competing in some of the more low key , local events next year

Our Road Race Team has started its journey in 2011 with Simon Travell taking part in a few events, and a few new riders with experience joining us.

We will soon offer coaching over the winter season to launch that team in 2012, if you are interested in becoming part of this team, please get in touch !

Local events that we know of for 2012 are listed below:-

10/03/2012Darley Moor 1BC
17/03/2012Witham Wheelrs , Barkston HeathBC
24/03/2012Darley Moor 2BC
31/03/2012Darley Moor 3BC
08/04/2012Ray Levers memorial , TorworthTLI
19/04/2012NMRRL Rnd 1 event 1 , TorworthTLI
21/04/2012Bourne Wheelers, Barkston HeathBC
26/04/2012NMRRL Rnd 1 event 2 , TorworthTLI
03/05/2012NMRRL Rnd 1 event 3 , TorworthTLI
06/05/2012Spalding CC , Barkstone HeathBC
10/05/2012NMRRL Rnd 1 event 4 , TorworthTLI
12/05/2012Darley Moor 4BC
17/05/2012NMRRL Rnd 1 event 5 , TorworthTLI
19/05/2012Thoresby Park festival Of CyclingBC
24/05/2012NMRRL Rnd 1 event 6 , TorworthTLI
31/05/2012NMRRL Rnd 2 Event 1, HarworthTLI
07/06/2012NMRRL Rnd 2 Event 2, HarworthTLI
10/06/2012VC Lincoln, Yarborough leisure CentreBC
14/06/2012NMRRL Rnd 2 Event 3, HarworthTLI
16/06/2012Darley Moor 5BC
21/06/2012NMRRL Rnd 2 Event 4, HarworthTLI
28/06/2012NMRRL Rnd 2 Event 5, HarworthTLI
01/07/2012Rutland velo, Barkston heathBC
01/07/2012High Peak Road Race , MonyashTLI
05/07/2012NMRRL Rnd 2 Event 6, HarworthTLI
12/07/2012NMRRL Rnd 3 event 1 , StaintonTLI
14/07/2012Darley Moor 6BC
19/07/2012NMRRL Rnd 3 event 2 , StaintonTLI
26/07/2012NMRRL Rnd 3 event 3 , StaintonTLI
02/08/2012NMRRL Rnd 3 event 4 , StaintonTLI
05/08/2012Tunbys Road Race, SheffieldBC
05/08/2012Lincoln wheelers, Yarborough leisure CentreBC
09/08/2012NMRRL Rnd 3 event 5 , StaintonTLI
16/08/2012NMRRL Rnd 3 event 6 , StaintonTLI
02/09/2012Richard Hoyland Road Race, BraithwellBC
09/09/2012out of the saddle RR , ThurcroftBC
09/09/2012Spalding CC, Barkstone HeathBC

Sunday Club Run Programme

Our Sunday Club rides start outside the War Memorial in Bolsover every Sunday at 9am. There are 2 rides planned, a brisk "A Group" ride that rides around 50-60 miles in around 3-4 hours, and a steadier  "B ride" that aims for around 20 to 25 miles in around a 2hr ride.In all cases if you are planning on making the B ride, you must post a message on the forum indicating you are coming so that we can plan a ride leader in advance.

Please Note that B rides only currently take place from March to October

Both rides take the chance for a tea and cake stop at a local cafe

The routes are all planned on and can be downloaded as .GPX files for you to ride offline, happy for leader board times to be posted for any of the rides

Spiraling - Thursday Night Rides

 "Spiralling" is a trial ride of a new concept that meets several objectives :-

  • attracting new riders by making rides accesible to those with less experience
  • getting existing riders off their arses on dark winter nights
  • allowing progressive advancement for riders to more challenging distances


Thursday night rides take place ,meeting at 6:30pm from the Bolsvover District Council Offices , and consiss of several laps of a 10 mile route


Spiralling will restart in early March, weather permitting 

It is planned so that relative beginners can join just for one lap as the first 10 mile lap is ridden at a steady warm-up pace , and peel off when the ride passes back through the starting point - more experienced riders canthen do an additional lap


The pace of each lap will increase every lap to give a good workout for all, faster riders will potentially head of for a further third lap, or some hill repeats or some other pain mechanism... 




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