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B&DCC Time Trialling

Being a fairly new club B&DCC does not have a long established history of time Trial results like some of the older clubs

That said we begun a quest to reverse that trend in 2013 by having several members competing in some of the local events promoted by clubs such as Sheffield Pheonix , KIveton Park CC and more.

Of course , as a prospective member with an interest in TT we would be happy to welcome you into the club.

In 2013 we do intend to promote our own events , including a Hill climb , for which , as a club based in Bolsover we have a significantly challenging course in mind.

watch this space.....and if anyone out there is interested in becoming TT secretary for the club and helping communicate events, keeping the content on this page fresh and encouraging others to try TT it would be great to hear from you

2013 Sheffrec CC 2UP 25 mile TT

B&DCC Riders made up over a third of the field for the 25mile 2UP TT and a slightly rehashed course in Hatfield Woodhouse on the 2nd March.

Congrats to Hugo & Emilie for picking up the fastest mixed pairing and to Bill and simon for being the fastest B&DCC pairing overall.

We were also 3rd Team on the day and certainly biggest in terms of participation  

17 Bill Seddon & Simon Travell                                         01:00:29
18 Martyn Bramhall & John Hind                                       01:00:37

20 Hugo Reynolds & Emilie Verroken                             01:00:45
30 Daniel Booth & Antony Payne                                       01:03:38
33 Paul Chapman & Lee Hyson                                         01:04:23
37 Matt Causier & Jim Sutherland                                   01:06:11
39 Andrew Wagstaff & Lee Wagstaff                              01:06:21
40 Janice McWilliam & Peter Neal                                    01:06:30
42 Conor McGuigan & Mark Renshaw                            01:07:09
43 Steve Crapper & Pete Steed                                       01:07:11
44 Carl Booker & Jonny Wright                                        01:07:47

48 Mark Bridgman-Smith & Vernon Richardson          01:09:51
51 Julia Blowers & Simon Wilson                                    01:10:32
53 Paul Dickinson & Michael Dodson                              01:11:10
57 Jonathan Feldman & Xavier Scott                               01:20:13
60 Sharon Hobson & Michelle Rodger                            01:21:51

Test Yourself - Local 10mile TT Series

Wednesay nights from April see two Local clubs promote their series of 10 mile time trial events between Cuckney & Worksop. Its a great way to try time trialling if you have never tried before , or to test your fitness on a fairly sporting course... we will use the PB's from these evnts as benchmarking for "up and Three Up time trials

Sheffield Phoenix promote on Tuesday nights, Kiveton Park CC on Wednesday nights, its only a couple of quid to enter and very easy to get involved in

B&DCC PB's for Cuckney 10 TT's

Its not a comprehensive list as the 2011 results have been lost from KPCC's website , but at least it will get the juices flowing..if you are missing from the list our have a better PB than that shown, then let Steve know


Damien Shakespeare21:47:0003/07/2012
Simon T.22:54:0022/05/2012
Hugo Reynolds22:54:0006/06/2012
Hugo & Louise Reynolds (Tandem)23:12:0022/05/2012
Bill Seddon23:32:0004/08/2012
Martyn Bramhall23:56:0012/06/2012
Lee Hyson24:08:0002/05/2012
Andy Wagstaff24:20:0024/07/2012
Mick Dodson24:43:0024/07/2012
Rob Carr24:47:0029/07/2012
Lee Wagstaff24:57:0007/08/2012
Xavier Scott25:03:0024/07/2012
Paul Chapman25:04:0022/05/2012
Steve Crapper25:25:0024/07/2012
Benjamin Davies25:38:0030/05/2012
Simon Wilson25:43:0031/07/2012
John Albanese25:58:0022/05/2012
Jonny Wright26:10:0002/05/2012
Rollinson, Wayne26:15:0024/07/2012
Conor McGuigan26:17:0002/05/2012
Booker, Carl26:17:0022/05/2012
Mark Renshaw26:25:0002/05/2012
Julia Blowers27:27:0030/05/2012
Ady Hatton27:29:0022/05/2012
Mark Bridgman Smith28:20:0022/05/2012
Craig Preece29:00:0022/05/2012
Steve Mundy30:25:0002/05/2012
James reddish30:58:0002/05/2012
Ian Johnson33:51:0002/05/2012


B&DCC PB's for Matlock 10 TT's

Ina similar vein to the Cuckney 10's , numerous members also test themselves in the Matlock CC 10's run on a wednesday night on the A10/16 Course at Darley Dale


Simon Wilson26:49:00 03/07/2012
Jonathan Wardle27:48:0029/05/2012
Julia Blowers28:54:0022/05/2012
Mark Bridgman Smith04:59:0029/05/2012



B&DCC PB's Mam Nick Hillclimb

The Mam nick hillclimb in the heart of the Peak District is a beauty of a climb, nearly 2km long with an average gradient over 10%...a real leg and lung burster

Andy Wainwright201208:23.0
Xavier Scott201208:47.0

B&DCC Pb's For Beeley Hillclimb

TheBeeley hillcimb is a different challenge to the other climbs, much longer at 2.3miles, the overall course record stands at 8:23.1 ....superhuman



Xavier Scott201210:32.3
Andy Wainwright201211:06.0
Bill Seddon201211:56.2
Andrew Ebbage201211:51.2
Julia Blowers201214:53.7


B&DCC PB's Monsal Head Hillclimb

The Monsal head hillcimb is a spectacular challenge , attended by the best hillclimb riders from all across the UK


Simon Travell201201:50.0
Xavier Scott201202:03.0
Simon Kelly201202:08.7
Bill Seddon201202:15.5
Steve Crapper201102:25.4
Hugo Reynolds201102:28.7


Test Yourself - JE James TT Competition

New North Midlands District CTT time trial competition sponsored by JE James

The JE James points based competition will continue for the 2012 season. The competition will be free to enter and any riders who are members of clubs registered in the North Midlands CTT district will be eligible to take part. This season will see a club/team crowned the JE James North Midlands winners. A team will consist of the three best riders (based on the points gained) from each club. There will be medals for each rider in the first placed team, plus runners up and third place.

More info here

Sheffrec CC 2UP 25mile Time Trial

The 2012 time trial season was launched for the club when eight members competed in the 25mile 2UP Time Trial promoted by Sheffrec CC. Only one other club had more participants than B&DCC, a fantastic start to our TT campaign.

Hugo Reynolds & Andy Wagstaff finished fastest for the club on the day, read more about that event right here

The club hopes to compete soon in a 3 Up Time Trial on the same course, find out more here

Results - Club Hill Climb Competition - 23rd July

30 riders took part in the first ever Hill Climb promotion by B&DCCC.

Top honours and setting the course record time of 1:42.68 was Chris Green of Matlock winning the trophy and a box of Maxifuel Viper Gel. Simon Travell was fastest placed B&DCC rider in 5th place at 1:51.73

All the results can be seen here, thanks to all who helped and to those that suffered

Photos for the event are available here


Results on the Board - 2011

Congratulations to several members of B&DCC who have got the first results on the board for the club in the first of the Kiveton Park 10 mile Cuckney time trials

James Pears posted an admirable PB of 24:30 , while Dave Pears posted a 33:06 after riding a near extra mile and a half after some confusion over a "roundabout" , but follwed that with a 26:23 the following week , Lewis Meadows has produced a 30:30 (which is so close to a 20mph average)

Well done gents , and we look forward to seeing you progress up the leader board as the season continues , just remember to list your club as "Bolsover & District cycling Club" to avoid confusion with any other clubs in the area

Big V's Teversal Triangular Challenge

Do you want to take up the challenge of having the best average time for this ride?  OK, have a go.  It basically uses old railway routes. 

It starts at the signal at Woodend on the Tibshelf to Teversal Trail and heads towards Teversal. It then uses triangle from Teversal, going out towards the old Pleasely pit and back.  Ends with the return leg to the signal.  It's somewhere in the region of 8 miles.  There are no serious climbs but there are railway gradients.

View the latest results here

  1. This activity is for leisure and fun purposes and is undertaken with riders taking full responsibilty for their own safety, equipment and actions and Bolsover and District Cycling club is not responsible and liable for any actions, injuries received, damage to property resulting from a riders actions. 
  2. Be safe - other users come first; be seen (lights etc.. if dull/dark) and be heard; conditions of the cousrscan be very varied - after all, it is an off-road route
  3. There is one road crossing so due care should be taken (it also comes at the bottom of a steep drop with a barrier at the bottom
  4. Gates need to be left as they were found
  5. Be polite - it's best for the club (especially if you are in  club colours at the time) and cycling in general
  6. Anyone can have a go
  7. It can be done on any bike that can take it and get you round in one piece and without harming others!
  8. The course can be done in any direction; can be found at
  9. Start form anywhere on the course that suits you but the signal at Woodend seems the most logical (it's a straight, out and back)
  10. If somebody is around to time you - fine but self timing is just as fine,
  11. The average time is based on the best 3 times - can have as many goes as you want
  12. The "challenge" ends the last weekend in April (or the weekend before the club social??).  The prize is to bask in the glory of what you have achieved......but only if you have 3 times listed
  13. You need to post your times, name or AKA,  in the event thread Triangular Challenge where they will be picked up and added to the spreadsheet on a weekly basis, to be published on the web site in the Time Trial section

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